Small Claim Court

不需要律师的小额索赔法庭 (Small Claim Court)

  • 小额索赔法庭所处理的案件是没有被限定。它可以听审不肯清还租金的租客 ,欠债不还的案件,等等。
  • 但个人的索偿金额必须相等于或不超过RM5,000.00 。
  • 索偿方 (原告) 不能聘请律师出庭答辩。
  • 索偿方 (原告) 必须是个人,不能是有限公司。
  • 被告如果是个人,生意模式是sole proprietor 或者是 partnership,被告是不能请律师辩护。
  • 如果生意模式是有限公司 (Sdn Bhd), 被告是能请律师辩护。
  • 索偿方只需到法庭索取表格Form 198 并填写有关资料 。
  • 准备4份表格并提呈给推事法庭的办事柜台。手续费为 RM10.00。
  • 索偿方必须本人呈交或通过预付挂号邮件,将法庭处理之后的表格,交给对方。
  • 对方必须在收到该文件的14天之内,提呈抗辩书。
  • 如果对方在当天没有出席抗辩或没有在给予的时间内提呈抗辩书,法庭可以直接给予判词或者延后再审。
  • 如果索偿方胜诉了,可是对方不愿依照判决做出应有的赔偿,依据2012年法院条规第93(16),索偿方可以提呈FORM 208 表格(Show Cause Notice) 给法庭。
  • 法庭将会将会要求对方出席,并给予合理解释。 法庭可能会考虑:
  1. 抵押或变卖对方的产物; 或者
  2. 分期付款赔偿给索偿方; 或者
  3. 只是被告坐监牢。

Q: Do you know that you can go to Magistrates’ Court on your own to sue someone without the need to engage a lawyer?

A: We call this the Small Claim Court.

The following are the information you need to know in order for you to institute a legal proceeding in the Small Claim Court:

  • You must be an individual person to file your claim in the Small Claim Court.
  • If you are a corporation, you cannot file a claim in the Small Claim Court.
  • Your can file a claim in the Small Claim Court but the Small Claim Court can only award an amount not exceeding RM5000.00.
  • You have to state the amount and particulars of your claim in the Form 198, Rules of Court 2012. Attached here-below is the Form 198 for your reference.
  • You have to sign personally on the Form 198 .
  • You need to file 4 copies of duly completed Form 198 at your nearest Magistrate’s Court with a filing fee of RM10.00. A copy of the Form 198 will be returned to you.
  • The Magistrate’s Court will inform you and the party whom you are suing of the hearing date.
  • If the other party does not turned up on the date given by the Magistrate’s Court, the Magistrate’s Court may give judgment in your favour.
  • If the other party is disputing your claim, he/she may file his/her statement of defence.
  • You will have to appear before the Magistrates’ Court to present your case with all necessary documents and witnesses to support your case.
  • The Magistrate will pass judgment after hearing from both sides.
  • If you win your case, the other party will have to pay the amount claimed by you as per the judgment of the Magistrate and the Magistrate may award costs not exceeding RM100.00 to the winning party.
Form 198 (Part 1).PNG
Form 198 (Part 2).PNG






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