Our Firm

Our law firm established since 2006. The firm is a partnership of Mr. Kuek Wee Teng, Mr. Roderick Koh and Mr. Ong Kit Wee. Our pride objective is to provide the highest quality of professional services to the community, and to establish long term relationship with our clients. We have experience, knowledge and technology to providing powerful and top quality of legal services and result.

We handle matters such as advisory & consultation works, corporate matters, civil litigation, family matters, probate & letter of administration, will, commercial agreements, sale and purchase agreements, etc. We have a dynamic team of learned, practical and experienced lawyers who are committed to serving our clients’ needs. Our office is located in Klang.




Mr. Kuek  graduated from University of Liverpool in 2000 with an honors degree in Laws. He  has been in practice for fifteen (15) years.

Mr. Kuek 擅长处理商业纠纷和诉讼,婚姻和家庭案件,遗产分配,商业合同。

Mr. Kuek 是脸书群 “法律与你同行 LAw & Justice” 的创办人。在脸书免费提供法律意见与资讯,帮助了无数的网民,却没有埋怨,还是默默不分白昼夜晚的为需要帮助的网民指引明路。

Mr. Kuek 在2013/2014年获得雪州律师公会颁发的“最佳社会公益律师”奖。


Mr. Kuek在2017年获得十大杰出青年奖“社会公益”项目的30强并在2018年获得十大杰出青年奖“法律”项目的30强。


Mr. Roderick graduated from University of Malaya in 2001 with an honors degree in Laws. He  has been in practice for more than fifteen (15) years.

Roderick Koh擅长处理关于劳工法,企业,电子商务的咨询。

Mr. Roderick 是脸书群“法律与你同行”里的劳工法专家。在脸书免费给雇主和员工劳工法律咨询,指点了无数的雇主和员工。


Ron Ong Kit Wee obtained his Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and was exposed to various aspects of conveyancing profile tasks during his journey as a practising lawyer.

He is a managing partner at Petaling Jaya office.