1. H和W于28.04.2008离婚。 H同意为这两个孩子每月支付14,000令吉的抚养费。
  2. H欠W RM454,130.00的抚养费。
  3. W向法院申请命令H的雇主应直接向W支付H的工资或一部分的工资,以支付所有拖欠的抚养费。
  4. H提出:

(a)W现在和她的男朋友住一起并和孩子一起生活,而W的男朋友正在使用RM 14,000.00;



  1. 然后,W申请扣押H在2012年2月和3月的每一个月净工资RM23.535.25。



  1. H应尊重并遵守2008年4月28日的协议庭令,包括支付赡养费的责任。

  2. 由于H欠下庞大的抚养费,仅仅扣押H净工资的一部分,并且留下一部分用于支付H的生活费, 是不合适的 。所以, H在2012年2月和3月的每一个月净工资RM23.535.25,全部被扣押。

  3. 如果法院未作出此命令,W将无法执行离婚令并追回拖欠的抚养费,因为自2012年4月1日起,H将不再受雇于公司。


  1. H and W divorced on 04.2008. H agreed to pay a maintenance of RM 14,000 a month for the 2 children.
  2. H owes W the maintenance of RM454,130.00.
  3. W applied to court for order that H’s employer shall pay direct to W for the salary or a part of the salary of H to settle all arrears of the
  4. H argue:

(a) W is now living with her boyfriend together with the children and the RM 14,000.00 is being used for the W’s boyfriend;

(b) One of the child, S, is now living with him and the maintenance should be only RM7,000.00; and

(c) H signed a contract for 2 years with his company which contract would expire in March 2012.

  1. W then applied for the attachment of the H’s net pay of RM23.535.25 per month for the February and March 2012.


Court held:


  1. H should honour and comply with the terms agreed on 28.04.2008, including his obligation to pay arrears of maintenance.
  2. As H owes huge outstanding maintenance, it is not fit or necessary to attach only a portion of the H’s net pay and leaving some portion of it to be kept for the H’s living expenses. Thus, the entire net salary for February and March 2012 is attached.
  3. If the Court did not make this Order, subsequently, W would not be able to enforce the divorce order and recover the arrears of maintenance owed to her because from 1.4.2012 onwards the H would no longer be under the employment of the company.


*[2012] MLJU 150 H



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