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The common legal issues that we will encounter in our daily life are 我们在生活常常面对的法律问题如:

  • Accident 车祸
  • Business Disputes 生意上的纠纷
  • Bankruptcy & Winding Up 个人破产与公司清盘
  • Commercial Agreements 商业合约
  • Company Disputes (Shareholders/Directors) 公司纠纷 (股东/董事)
  • Contractual Disputes 合约纠纷
  • Conveyancing & Loan 买卖产业与银行贷款
  • Criminal Offences 刑事案
  • Defamation 诽谤
  • Debt Recovery 欠款
  • Fraudulent Cases 欺诈案
  • Industrial Court & Employment Matters 工业法和劳工法
  • Joint Management Body (JMB) 公寓管理层
  • Matrimonial & Family Matters 婚姻与家庭法
  • Will, Trust & Probate 遗嘱与遗产分配